Graphic Design

Creating visuals and layouts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate.


2020 Sumi-e inspired paintings by Pamela Bray brought to life in  wearable art and functional products through Red Bubble.  Check out the whole range.

PoeTRy book design & Illustration

This personal book of poetry, Moving & Being – a collection of poems shown in stillness by Pamela Bray is the result of a creative urge to write, to design, to illustrate and to explore the journey from the tiniest spark of an idea to holding the published book in my hand.

Copies can be purchased by dropping an email to  or online here.

2021 Wall Calendar

A blend of original Sumi-e  inspired paintings and haiku, Quiet will remind you every day to be still and breathe deeply of life.

Pre-order your 450x320mm calendar now for early December delivery. Drop Pamela an email at

Book design

Published in September 2020, the Gosford Edogawa Commemorative Garden book by Ken Lamb beautifully tells the story of this garden from its very beginnings, through planning and construction, and its recent refurbishment. The book’s stunning photos and insightful text takes you on a journey through all the elements of Japanese gardens.

Book design

Published in July 2020, the Chinese Garden of Friendship Pruning Guide by Ken Lamb is more than just a book about pruning. Its 148 pages, 117 of which contain beautiful photos and clear illustrations, investigates and reveals the why, how and when to prune and in what style in relation to the larger garden in the context of the meaning and philosophy of Chinese gardens.

Book design
Published in May 2020, this new 21st century book, Zen and the Way of the Brush invites you to discover the way of Zen, through poems and Sumi-e paintings. 

You can buy your own copy here.

2020 Wall Calendar

Let Nature’s Magic inspire you every day.

Pre-order your 420x297mm calendar now for early December delivery. Drop Pamela an email at

2019 Wall Calendar

Beautiful, practical, inspirational

Inspirational Book designs
Design, layout, photography, print management

A small custom size 28 page booklet


A5 size 12page inspirational  booklet


Square format 100 page design


Promotional bookmark